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Practices will consist of two nights a week.


High school teams will begin practicing the first week of September.


Grade school teams will begin practicing the first week of October.


Local tournaments (The Point Series) begin the month of October. (Once/Twice per month)


AAU/Qualifier tournaments begin in November and conclude in the month of February.


Please refer to the chart above for the series of AAU tournaments teams are offered/expected to participate in.

All teams Grade school / High school 1's and 2's teams are participating in a total of five AAU/USAV Qualifying events, two of which will be held in Chicago. All teams and players are expected to prioritize these events and attend/participate. All teams/players will also be expected to attend/participate in the annual AAU Boy's Junior National Championships that takes place at the end of June / beginning of July. Travel costs for all of these events have been included in the season dues and will not require any separate traveling fees.

Note: All high school teams will pause during the IHSA high school season (March - May) and resume in June at the conclusion of their high school season. Players will return to a similar practice schedule and participate Windy City Round-Up tournament as a warm-up leading to AAU Nationals.

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